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Cat's Pajamas Convos...


A short trailer with our Founder Carrie-Ann talking about what's coming up when we launch our Cat's Pajamas Convos podcast series - available to members of the Cat's Pajamas Communications Collaborative. 

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Cat's Pajamas Convos...

with Martin Evans

In episode three Carrie-Ann talks with Martin Evans, founder of Tandem Comms, about crisis communications. Martin covers planning, keeping calm and managing a crisis on social media.

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Cat's Pajamas Convos...

with Jane Galloway

In this episode Carrie-Ann talks with Jane Galloway, founder of Quiet the Hive, about the art of networking. Collaborative members can download the hints sheet from the Resource Library.

Cats PJs Convos with Mikaela Jackson.png

Cat's Pajamas Convos...

with Mikaela Jackson

In episode two Carrie-Ann talks with Mikaela Jackson, personal performance coach and founder of She Almighty, about overcoming overwhelm. Listen in for tips and advice to help you when you start to feel overwhelmed.