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Earlier this year I was looking for inspiration and some constructive challenge around my career and possible business decisions. I discovered She Almighty and booked my discovery call. After that first chat with Mikaela I really felt like she understood where I was coming form and shared my values around professionalism, integrity and authenticity. There was no looking back and I have been working with Mikaela for over seven months now. She is so passionate about helping others to achieve their potential and I couldn't resist asking her to feature in our Businesses Built on Passion series.


She Almighty - Mikaela Jackson - Performance Coach

Mikaela Jackson, founder and performance coach, She Almighty

Tell us a little bit about your business.

She Almighty provides career, business, life coaching services and events for women. She Almighty is about women self-empowering to be the best version of themselves and to create careers, businesses and lives they love with positive impact.


What inspired you to set up She Almighty?

In a nutshell, She Almighty was born out of me not knowing what I wanted to do when I grew up! I had decent jobs during my twenties but none of them gave me the fulfilment and sense of purpose I yearned for. Hitting a low point - being in a job and relationship that I wasn’t happy in - and then discovering coaching, was the catalyst for hugely positive change in my life. It still took me three more job changes before I took the plunge to set up my coaching business! But I knew there was a need and I now help other women to realise, work towards and live their best careers and lives, and ultimately, to be the best version of themselves.


What gave you the final nudge/ push to go for it?

I’ve definitely got my husband to thank. When I was at my old job in cyber security I’d been to Brussels and back in a day, I felt exhausted, fed up and when I got home I burst into tears! A few gin and tonics later he said “quit your job, I’ll support you!” and that really gave me the nudge I needed to hand in my notice. Prior to that I knew I wanted to start my own business and for quite some time it had been my goal to do it before I turned 30. So not long after I quit my job and a few months later I hit the milestone with my business underway.


What has been your biggest challenge to date?

The first year in my business was an emotional rollercoaster! As a solopreneur you’re wearing so many different hats and figuring it all out; plus I knew the success of it was completely down to me! But over time and with the support and backing of my hubby, family and friends I slowly built the self-belief, confidence and saw the results that made that first stint all so worthwhile and rewarding. Nothing worth having comes easy right and having been through it enables me to really get and better coach my clients who are starting or taking their business to the next level.


Describe your greatest success/ the thing you are most proud of.

That’s a tough one! Seeing the journeys that my clients have been on, where they started and where they are now makes me super proud. My monthly meet-up She Almighty: Women’s Coaching & Empowerment which I’ve been running for about 2 years now which has enabled me to reach and connect so many women and to create a community - that’s truly humbling. But on a completely personal level I think it has got to be creating, sustaining and growing a freedom and lifestyle business which has enabled me to be self-sufficient and create success on my terms.


What motivates you to keep forging ahead with your business?

A number of things. My inspirational clients – they make me better and enable me to do what I do. Sustaining the freedom and lifestyle I’ve created particularly as we’re approaching a new chapter as I'm about to start a family! And my ambition. I’ve always been ambitious and accomplishing through doing something I love and completely on my terms is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding for me. Plus, I feel like I’m just getting started and my dreams and goals keep getting bigger – watch this space!

Thank you so much to Mikaela for sharing her story with us here at Cat's Pajamas. We always feel inspired hearing about the journeys of others.

If you would like to find out more about She Almighty you can visit:

Facebook - @shealmighty Instagram - @_shealmighty

Twitter - @_shealmighty

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