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Meet Amanda Claesens - Founding Member Feature

We would love to introduce you to Amanda Claesens from ACE Market Research, one of our Cat's Pajamas Collaborative founding members.


I work with people who need meaningful research that provides quality data to help make more informed decisions. That might be testing how an ad campaign has performed, or to find out what your customers think about a product or discovering how your employees feel about working for you.    

After a Business Studies degree, I took a temporary job as a telephone interviewer for a local research company. I found that as well as getting to play with numbers all day, I really enjoyed the nature and variety of the work. I went on to find a graduate trainee job with a small research agency in Oxford. I built a solid career foundation and invested 20 years there. I worked with a range of businesses from media publishers, legal firms, business advisors to local charities helping them with customer satisfaction studies, employee engagement, new product development and brand tracking projects.  In 2015 the time was right to set up my own consultancy. ACE Market Research was born.

Carrie-Ann and I worked together many moons ago at NSM Research. When I saw that she had founded Cat’s Pajamas I was delighted to be able to offer my support and am keen to be part of the collaborative.

As a freelancer working from home, it’s important for me to be connected to something wider – and this is where collaboration and networking comes into play.
Amanda Claesens, founder of ACE Market Research
The collaborative provides the opportunity to meet with like minded people who want to support and help each other in their business journeys. We can gain so much from listening to others, and hearing their stories.

I hope to bring a friendly face to the collaborative who can provide objectivity. My work in research means I spend my time looking at all sides of the same story. I’m also always happy to meet for tea and cake!

I love the work done by ONS – Office National Statistics – they produce really useful interactive tools. And for data visualisation - David McCandless, founder of Information is Beautiful. They both make data more interesting and accessible.

Last week I had an email from a long standing client who wanted to reassure me that they had no intention of cutting their budgets as a result of the Corona Crisis, that they would continue with their current projects and they had changed their payment terms for SMEs and would now be settling invoices within 7 days. I cried. And emailed her to tell her that. And she said she had cried too when writing it. That makes me proud – that my clients value the work I do, and that we have a relationship rather than being just a client and a supplier.

What should our profession focus on over the next few years? At the moment who knows? I’m not sure where we will be in two months, or even two weeks. I hope that when we come out of the other side of “this” – we’ll be able to be more honest and compassionate. I’m certainly compiling a mental list of companies that I won’t want to work with again. I’ve gone off tangent I know…


Thank you so much to Amanda for sharing her views on market research, the impact of coronavirus and, of course, the collaborative. We are so lucky to have Amanda on board as a founding member. If you want to find out more about joining our Cat's Pajamas Collaborative click here.

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