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Meet Martin Evans - Founding Member Feature

We would love to introduce you to Martin Evans, one of our Cat's Pajamas Collaborative founding members.


I have over 35 years of leadership, management and communications experience  - mostly in the public sector with the NHS as a manager,  20 years as a Royal Air Force Officer, back to the NHS as a comms professional and latterly, since 2018, founder of my own company, TandemComms.

I would consider myself an expert in helping organisations, teams and individuals to tell their unique story in media and internal or external strategies. I run courses in media training, presentation skills, crisis comms, developing comms and marketing strategies and storytelling for business and do other comms stuff.

I have never really been at the start of a collaborative project as it grows and it's exciting to be asked to contribute. 
Martin Evans - Cat's Pajamas Collaborative Founding Member
I think the collaborative will be mutually supportive and offer opportunities for us all to explore ideas and thoughts, in a safe space. 

My experience in leadership, management and comms has been broad and I have admired many individuals for different reasons and I couldn’t just point to one person.  I hope this doesn’t sound too cheesy - as examples in my experience, of people I admire: the young Sgt briefing his section about to go on patrol in Afghanistan when the previous day there has been death and injury to the group; the person with significant and life threatening mental health issues who has overcome them; the health worker who shows compassion every single day often in tough circumstances; the Comms Director who has the moral courage to challenge Board members on actions - and there’s obviously many more.

You know I have never thought about my proudest career achievement before - my proudest life achievement is marrying the right person and having two great kids with unique personalities and skills. In leadership, there’s a few things I am happy with and many where I disappointed myself but one thing that stands out for me is how I responded as the incident commander for a fatal Helicopter crash, whilst serving at RAF Shawbury. 

I think Comms professionals really do need to think outside the box to develop wider skill sets in leadership and management to gain a place on the Board and beyond.  But I think as a profession we are well placed to do that because our job requires flexible thought, often speed of action, definitely diplomacy and negotiation skills and often moral courage to challenge and do the right thing.  All of which makes for a great leader. 


Thank you so much to Martin for sharing his views on communications, leadership and the collaborative. We are so lucky to have Martin on board as a founding member. If you want to find out more about joining our Cat's Pajamas Collaborative click here.

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