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Switching off

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

I’ve recently returned from leave, it was ten days off work and I spent seven of them relaxing on holiday.

Before I left, I made a conscious decision to include a break from social media and all things digital as part of my time off.

Reading a book by the pool with feet up

With a busy role in the NHS, my own business, a podcast, a wedding to plan, the perimenopause to navigate and everything else life is throwing at all of us right now, I’m not ashamed to say I was feeling overwhelmed. I was tired, running on empty and feeling physically and mentally drained.

I was ready for a rest. I realised that even when I’ve taken time off this year I’ve not actually switched off. I’ve still been working on my business, checking emails, posting on socials. And I was feeling frazzled.

I love what I do, I’m privileged to work and collaborate with some truly amazing people and I have so much variety it keeps me engaged and interested but I think it’s that combination that has made me feel guilty about switching off and taking time out.

I was so glad that I did though! I read four and a half actual books. I spent time with my partner undistracted from the day job and my business. I swam, practised yoga and even snoozed which was a joy for an insomniac.

And I’ve come back refreshed, motivated and ready to face work with renewed energy.

As someone who talks a lot about boundary setting I’ve realised that focusing some of my time and energy to support my own wellbeing is crucial. I’m not just going to wait until I book another holiday to do that. There will be small things I can factor into each week that will help me to switch off so I can top up my energy levels and manage the overwhelm.

Would love to know how you factor time out into your busy life…

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