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Two Minute Mentor - Unsure About That New Role?

Welcome to our Two Minute Mentor session focused on helping you to go for that new job that you have been unsure about. If you'd rather watch over on Insta you can view the session here.

Unsure about going for that new role? If you are then this Two Minute Mentor session might be just what you need to start thinking differently, and decide whether or not the role is something you want to go for.

I often work with communications professionals who talk to me about whether or not they should apply for that next job, the next step in their career, and whether or not it's the right role for them. Often, I would say that any experience of applying for a role or going for an interview is a good one, but this can be time consuming and take a lot of energy, so you want to feel sure that the roles you're going for would be ones you'd really want if you got offered them.

I would suggest that you grab a notebook, and start to write down your answers to a few key questions. Start to think about what you really enjoy about the job you have now, what your strengths are and how your current role plays to these strengths. Then think about whether the new role that you're planning to go for will offer you the same opportunities. Next do the same when you start to think about areas that you might want to develop or things you might want to try in the future that you're not getting the chance to do now. Write down what they are, and again, consider whether or not this new role you are planning to go for will offer you those opportunities. Of course, think about your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats in relation to going for that new role.

Write down a pros and cons list, all of the positives you can think about for that new role, but more importantly, all of the things that are causing you concern. What are you worried about? What are the things that you might see as a challenge in the role? What are these cons? Once you've got that list of questions, make sure you get in touch with the person who's recruiting into that role, so that you can research and get some answers around whether or not these things are really genuine cons or whether they could actually be turned into pros on that list,

Think about how you can seek some feedback from both about the role that you're doing now, and the potential new role that you want to go for in the future. Hopefully that will give you plenty of food for thought when you're considering whether or not the role is one that you should really apply for.

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