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What can the Cat’s Pajamas Collaborative do for you?

Updated: May 11, 2021

If any of the following resonate with you then the #CatsPajamasCollaborative could be just the thing for you: 

😻Are you working solo and would love a supportive network of peers to throw around ideas and pose those tricky scenarios to for advice? 

😻 Team of one - would you love the chance to be part of a virtual and real life network of like minded individuals? 

😻Would access to a trusted network of creative professionals with opportunities to collaborate help you? 

😻Would you love the chance to be part of a skills exchange, supporting others to thrive? 

😻Could you benefit from some headspace and access to thought provoking podcasts, blogs and features to inspire you? 

😻Are you the type of person who believes in building others up and collaborating rather than competing? 

The Cat’s Pajamas Collaborative is coming soon. You can access all of the above and more for a monthly membership fee and we are currently signing up founding members at our limited half price for life fee! Get in touch if you are interested - www.cats-pajamas.co.uk/our-collaborative  

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