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Why choose to work with a mentor?

Mentoring can help you bring your unique self to the world and show up with confidence in your career.

Working with a mentor can help to:

  • unblock challenges through learning, wisdom and expertise

  • bring a different perspective to help you to think differently

  • help grow and develop your network

  • open up new opportunities for you

  • build your confidence

  • provide constructive challenge

  • encourage and motivate you, as well as helping you to celebrate your successes

Having benefited from mentoring throughout my comms career and leadership journey, I love giving back to others through mentoring.

You can work with me via Thrive, my group mentoring session which means you’ll also benefit from the experience and knowledge of other brilliant communicators.

Or you can work with me 121 to focus on a particular issue or challenge.

The long-term impact of having Carrie-Ann as a mentor has been huge for me, truly life-changing. Incredibly valuable support for which I will be forever grateful. She has enabled me to progress my career as I would like it with confidence. Kelly, Senior Communications Manager

Find out more on the website or get in touch with any questions.

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