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Real Results

Taking part in the Thrive Programme gave me the confidence to apply for my current position, and I am enjoying implementing some of the tactics learnt in my new role!

I would 100% recommend this programme to fellow communications and engagement professionals.

Rebekah Tailor, Associate Director of Communications and Engagement, Imperial College Health Partners

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The long-term impact of having Carrie-Ann as a mentor has been huge for me, truly life changing.

Incredible developmental support, a source of wisdom, learning and encouragement which has enabled me to have the confidence to progress my career.

Kelly, Senior Communications Manager

Thrive has enabled me to take stock of where I am, consider my purpose both in and out of work, and reaffirm my priorities for my career and professional development.

I now feel more focused. It has reignited my drive to continue developing as a leader so I can better support the incredible colleagues I work with.

Elizabeth Delaney, Marketing and Communications Manager

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Carrie-Ann lives the values she endorses through her mentoring programme and is an authentic leader. Her coaching helped me to recognise areas that I had previously considered to be weaknesses shouldn’t be perceived as such; there is no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. 
You won't regret reaching out to 

Natalie Hagen, Head of Communications

Carrie-Ann understood my world, but knowing she didn't know my colleagues meant I could speak openly. She helped talk me through challenging conversations and gave me confidence, reassured me I was doing a good job and understanding her own career progression helped me with my imposter syndrome!

Lily, Social Media Manager

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