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As your mentors, your evolution into the communications leader you were born to be matters as much to us as it does to you. It's the mark by which we measure ourselves. 


Working with you to create impact & see you thrive is our passion and our satisfaction. That's why we've developed a range of packages & services to suit whatever situation works best for you, right now. 


Ready to get clear on comms?

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Let's talk over the ways we can align your gifts with your goals

One-Off Mentoring

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Perfect for communicators experiencing a specific issue or blocker

Need some time & space to focus on finding a solution to an immediate issue you're facing? ​​

In this 1.5 hour one-to-one session we'll provide the clarity you need to get straight to the heart of the challenge & offer a fresh perspective on actions you can take you toward a resolution


Investment: £250

A place for communicators to grow their knowledge and skills

Come together with like-minded adventurers looking to unlock greatness. 

In groups of up to 6, over 6 sessions of 1.5 hours we'll share ideas & hone your talents, focussing on your development.

An easily accessible way to mine the rich seam of our expertise & build a peer network of support to take you into the future.

Investment: £489

(includes membership to the Cat's Pajama's Collaborative)

Group Mentoring


Personal Mentoring

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Starting your leadership journey or ready to step up your seniority?

We're on-hand to guide & support you into moving forward with action.

Over 6 one-to-one sessions (1.5 hours), we'll spend be devoted to helping you achieve your goals & move on up with confidence.

You'll have direct access to email support throughout our journey together. 

Plus, we'll follow-up with you after 3 months to review your outcomes & see how you're doing.

Investment: 3-6 month package - £1,850 

12-month package - £3,500

(with payment options available)

(includes membership to the Cat's Pajama's Collaborative)

Need to get your team really racing? Does meeting those key objectives feel a bit of battle?

Communication days with Cat's PJs help teams find clarity, connection & demonstrate their value.

Fees: £1,800

Tailored team mentoring develops each individual, as well as strengthening a truly cohesive team. Let's get them purring along. 

From: £6,000

Get a fresh perspective on reaching & surpassing your comms team's key objectives & shine a light on the evolution of your team.

From: £6,000


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