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It's your time to thrive

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Are you a communications professional who would like to feel more confident in your career choices?

Perhaps you would like to be more intentional in the way you approach your work life.

The Thrive programme is a 12 week structured online programme that supports communications professionals to grow and thrive. It is a safe space for discussion, action and accountability.

Throughout the programme I will support you to:

  • Build your confidence and self belief

  • Be more intentional 

  • Develop key relationships

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Celebrate your successes

  • Demonstrate your value

All with the aim of helping you to thrive as a communicator and leader.

The next Thrive Programme starts in Spring 2024. 

Session 1 - Setting the scene for your development

Session 2 - Growing your confidence as a comms pro 

Session 3 - Setting healthy boundaries & building effective relationships 

Session 4 - Celebrating successes and demonstrating value 

Session 5 - Being more intentional in the workplace 

Session 6 - Leadership learning into action 


Investment: £1149


THRIVE programme 

Carrie-Ann shared practical tips we could use straight away and longer-term learning. 

I genuinely looked forward to our sessions and always felt so much happier afterwards. My colleagues have already noticed a positive change and I look forward to taking the next steps to develop and grow. 

This has been the perfect springboard to progress further in my career.

Candice Robinson,
Communications Manager,

It was wonderful to take the time out to reflect on some of the challenges encountered day-to-day and to think about practical steps to resolve some of these - the key one being professional boundaries and how to implement these. Carrie-Ann brought together a brilliant group where we could have this conversation in a safe space. 


I have really valued the THRIVE Programme and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to fellow communications and engagement professionals.

Rebekah Tailor, Head of Communications and Engagement, OneLondon Local Health and Care Record

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