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Balancing act

I'm Carrie-Ann and I am a communicator by profession. I work full time (compressed hours) in the NHS as a Director of Communications and Engagement. This is my 17th (how did that happen?) year working in healthcare communications and engagement.

I am also the founder of Cat's Pajamas, set up in 2019, initially to support other small businesses with their communications needs. Last year, after much thought and reflection I pivoted the business to follow my passion - supporting and developing other comms professionals.

I love all things Art Deco, eating chocolate (but not dark chocolate) and drinking gin. I care about mental health and wellbeing, having personal experience in my family. I am an insomniac and currently working out how to get over Long Covid. I am happiest being coastal and that's part of my longer term life goal. I love spending time with friends. I adore New York, Burgh Island, people watching in coffee shops, cosy jumpers, going on walks, Italian and Thai food and red lipstick.

This year I want to focus on balance. Having a full time job, running a business, planning a wedding and of course life, can feel overwhelming at times and I want to ensure I don't loose sight of taking care of me. I can't give my best to others if I don't look after myself.

I would love to hear more about your story and what's important to you right now so feel free to leave a comment, drop me a line or book in a call.

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