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Frequently Asked Questions About Thrive

You’ve been asking me all about the Cat’s Pajamas Thrive programme so thought I’d share the details here so everyone is in the know!

❓When you say comms, does it mean all type of communications roles?

Absolutely - Thrivers have come from all walks of comms life. We’ve had marketeers, internal communicators, media managers, stakeholder engagement experts, digital and social media leads. All communicators are welcome!

❓What sort of thing are people struggling with when they join Thrive?

- Setting boundaries at work

- Juggling multiple demands and expectations

- Clarity on next steps in their career

- Self-belief/ confidence

- Changes in their team/ to their role

- Stepping up into more senior positions

- Demonstrating value and celebrating success

❓I’m not ready to move in my career is thrive still for me?

Yes - some delegates have wanted to make their next career move but others want to show up with more intent in their existing role, grow their confidence or consider news ways to deal with challenges they believe are holding them back in their current job.

❓I’m at the start of my comms career can I join?

You sure can. The Thrive Programme has always had a mix of delegates working from officer level right up to associate director and some people are new to comms, others have many years in the profession under their belts.

❓What’s the commitment and is there homework between sessions?

It’s 6x1.5 hour live online sessions over 12 weeks. No homework between sessions although you will be encouraged to consider an actionable step you can take to move forward after each session personal to you and your circumstance.

❓Are there options for the payment?

Most delegates have been employer funded as part of their professional development. Those who have self-funded have the option to pay in 3 instalments over 3 months.

If you’ve got any other questions please do get in touch.

The next cohort of Thrive starts on 15 September and you’ve still got time to secure your place.

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