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One of 100 amazing F:entrepreneurs

Oh my goodness - I could not be later writing this post! I am so sorry everyone!

Last month I was invited to the House of Lords as part of the #ialso100 2020 campaign, celebrating 100 amazing women who not only runs businesses but also have a host of other things they are achieving. It's a total honour to be recognised as part of this campaign and I felt so humbled at the event surrounded by so many inspirational F:entrepreneurs. And how lucky we all managed to congregate before the lockdown.

Was so inspirational to hear stories not only of the fabulous businesses people are running but the other things people are committed to and juggling. Working mums, mentors, volunteers, fundraisers - the list is endless.

For those who don't know my story, Cat's Pajamas is my side hustle, set up almost a year ago to support other creative professionals to collaborate as well as providing communications services to small, local businesses. I also work full time as a communications director in the NHS.

As well as meeting some truly brilliant new business owners, it was great to enjoy the event and be recognised alongside one of Cat's Pajamas regular collaborators, Jane from Quiet the Hive.

Was also great to catch up with Alexis from Fortis Therapy who we featured in our Businesses Built on Passion blog series.

And I was delighted (and a little starstruck) to meet Lucy Werner, whose book Hype Yourself is on my bookshelf. I hope I didn't act like a total fan girl!

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