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Two Minute Mentor - Being Strategic

Strategy and"being strategic" is something that comes up a lot with clients so I thought I would focus a Two Minute Mentor session on the topic. Comms Hero was kind enough to turn the Two Minute Mentor sessions into a mini podcast series so if you fancy a listen to this episode click here.

I have many conversations with communicators, about being more strategic, and so I wanted to make a Two Minute Mentor session on what I think that means. I often speak to people who say they've been told to be more strategic in their role but they don't really understand how, or that they feel that they're not strategic enough to go for that next big promotion or big job. So here's my thinking on strategy.

You need to be future focused thinking about the big picture. Think ahead about what your team and your organisation might look like and what it might be doing 1, 3 and 5 years from now. You also need to understand the expectations of you, and the impact that you can have beyond your communications function within your organisation. Are you clear on your wider organisational priorities, and the direction of travel and vision for the future? If you're not then start asking the questions. Talk to your leadership team and really start to think about where you can have an impact on helping to deliver that into the future.

Horizon scanning is also an important part of this. This includes horizon scanning for positive opportunities that might crop up for your team or your organisation into the future that you want to work on. It also includes horizon scanning for for issues or challenges that might arise that you will need to be prepared for. These are all a crucial part of thinking strategically and thinking ahead, particularly on the challenge front. There's lots that you can do to prepare for that in terms of making a plan around business continuity, emergency planning or dealing with a crisis, but only if you think ahead about what those things might look like for your organisation.

And finally, in terms of preparing for the future really do start to think about your team shape, size, and roles, demonstrating how you will support the longer term vision of your organisation, through having a team that's fit for purpose. All of this takes time, So make sure you make time to start thinking strategically.

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