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Two Minute Mentor - Demonstrating Your Success

In this Two Minute Mentor session the focus is on demonstrating our own successes. If you'd like to listen to this session as part of the Comms Hero podcast mini-series you can access it here.

I have so many conversations with communications professionals about how we demonstrate our own successes. So I thought I would focus this Two Minute Mentor session on a few tips and tricks that we can put in place to help do that.

Often we are the team behind promoting the success of others, writing the press releases about all the great things they're doing, entering them for awards, sharing all that good stuff across social media channels, and it can feel a bit icky when it comes to talking about our own successes. But quite frankly, if we don't demonstrate our successes, who else is going to do that for us?

So here are a few things that I think can help you along the way. I think it's really important to make notes of successful projects and outcomes that you and your team have been involved in, so that you've gotten them to hand should you ever need to demonstrate them. And it's also a great thing to reflect on individually or as a team to think about all of your achievements over time.

If they are personal to you, I would also suggest that you add them to your CV as you go along so that next time you want to apply for a new and exciting role, you've got them to hand and you don't have to scramble about in your memory bank, trying to work out some examples that you can add to things that you've done brilliantly.

Share your successes across your social media channels, including your team successes. If you've done things that you're really proud of, highlight these and enable others to learn from them. It's what we would do for any other team or client that we work with, so why not do it for ourselves?

Also, make sure that you use your one to ones or your client meetings to share the positives. Often, other people won't realise the different things that you've been involved in making a success unless you actually tell them, so make sure that you highlight that, when you're meeting with your boss ,with your wider team, or with your clients to make sure that they're aware of all the things you're acchieving.

And finally, really start to think about whether or not there are awards that you can enter, not only to highlight the great stuff and showcase what you've been doing, but to share that learning with other people and hopefully learn from them.

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