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About being a leader

Why do I talk so much about leadership? As a leader myself (and I’ll be honest it’s taken a while to feel comfy describing myself as a leader - there’s so much in that to reflect on but perhaps in another post), my own experiences, the good, bad and ugly, have really shaped my approach to leadership.

I’m not saying I always get it right, I absolutely don’t, but I am continuously learning and improving.

Being a leader matters because:

  1. You have an opportunity to make positive change and influence things for the better whether that’s in your organisation, team, sector or community.

  2. You can act as a leadership role model for others, enabling and supporting others to focus on their wellbeing, boundaries, purpose, values… the list is endless.

  3. You provide clarity, shared goals and common purpose, often at times of uncertainty when people need it most.

There’s obviously lots more linked to being a good leader and I would love for us all to be in a space where we are open to growth, development and learning so we can challenge the status quo and do leadership our way. That’s why I cohost the How To Take The Lead podcast with Lee Griffith, why I mentor communications professionals through Cat's Pajamas and talk to brilliant comms leaders on my Behind The Bob podcast..

Let me know why being a leader matters to you.

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