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Cat's Pajamas Curates Podcasts

In August we launched Cat's Pajamas Curates. We have curated recommendations from members of the Cat's Pajamas Collaborative across a range of topics and we are starting with podcasts.

Back in September 2019, Ofcom figures showed that one in eight people in the UK were listening to podcasts, that's a total of 7.1 million people, an increase of 24% since 2018. On average, regular podcast users listen to seven podcast episodes a week.

Some of our Cat's Pajamas Collaborative members have been listening to podcasts and share their recommendations below:


Lee Griffith recommends The Glow and Grow Show

"I’ve always got several podcast series on the go, to cover every and any mood that I’m in!

I’m particularly loving the Glow and Grow Show with Vix Meldrew at the moment. It's a super useful resource for creatives and content generators; I’ve picked up lots of tips and it’s really helped me to focus on the right things when managing and developing my own social media channels.

My weekly staples are The Archers omnibus (the only soap I follow) and Desert Island Discs, perfect when cooking or driving. "


Jane Galloway recommends Happy Place "Fearne Cotton not only converses, but listens and connects to her guests.

I love that she has a whole range of guests, some of whom I really think I don’t like (Russell Brand anyone?) until I hear the interview and they just blow me away.

Happy Place is a podcast to listen to for when you are in need of inspiration, or you’re feeling lost, or you just want to feel like you’re part of a great conversation between two friends.”


Carrie-Ann Wade recommends Small Business Britain

“As a small business owner and side hustler this podcast is great because each episode provides insight, tips and experience from small business owners.

Hearing the journeys of other entrepreneurs is a great way to learn and I love that this Small Business Britain podcast series really champions all things small business.”


Cat's Pajamas Curates not only brings together recommendations for you but also provides the opportunity for you to get to know a little more about the members of the Collaborative.

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