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New Group Mentoring Programme for Communicators

We are excited to launch our first Group Mentoring Programme for communications professionals. If you are looking to move into a more senior role, or you would like the time and space to focus on your goals, this is the programme for you.

What is the Group Mentoring Programme? Come together with like-minded communications professionals looking to unlock their greatness.

An easily accessible way to explore & share our expertise, & build a peer network of support to take you into the future.

The programme is led by Carrie-Ann Wade, founder of Cat's Pajamas, who is a communications and engagement director working in communications for over 16 years.

Is the Group Mentoring Programme for me? Your evolution into the communications leader you were born to be matters as much to us as it does to you.

The programme provides a place for communicators to grow your confidence, knowledge & skills.

How does the Group Mentoring Programme work? In groups of up to 8, over 6 sessions of 1.5 hours we'll share ideas & hone your talents, focussing on your development.

Week 1: Setting the scene for your development

Week 2: Defining your goals Week 3: Exploring barriers to achieving your goals

Week 4: Building effective relationships Week 5: Promoting your own successes

Week 6: Leadership learning into action

All sessions are interactive & include time for reflection & peer discussion.

What is my investment? You can access the 6 session Group Mentoring Programme for an investment of £300. This is a special introductory rate. If you join and refer a friend you will receive a personalised discount code for 121 mentoring.

This includes a one year membership to our Cat's Pajamas Collaborative worth (£96). The Collaborative is a monthly meet-up for communications professionals with access to our private Facebook Group.

This programme begins on 23 June 2021 & runs for 12 weeks.

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