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#ialso100 2020 - honoured to be recognised with so many amazing business women!

Wow - I was totally blown away when I was told I was going to be recognised as part of the #ialso100 2020 list of female entrepreneurs. And even more so when I found out who else is on the list. What a privilege to be part of such an inspirational group of women!

The campaign is run by f:Entrepreneur to recognise and celebrate inspirational businesses led by women in the UK. All of the women who have been recognised in both the 2020 and 2019 #ialso100 not only run their own businesses but juggle this with many other responsibilities.

As well as founding Cat's Pajamas last year, I also work full time as a communications and engagement director in the NHS. I currently work in a mental health and community services trust and have spent the majority of my 15 years in healthcare in mental health services so I am passionate about ensuring mental health is a topic that we all feel comfortable talking about.

I am also super passionate about communications as a profession and have spent a lot of time raising the profile of communications within the public sector. This has included four years as elected chair of a national NHS communications leads network, working on national advisory groups and mentoring others in the profession.

I love collaborating with others and supporting people to achieve their best which is why i set up the Cat's Pajamas Collaborative for people working in the creative industry. The aim of the collaborative is to offer networking, support, resources, promote others and offer opportunities for collaborations and business ventures.

This is just a flavour of my 'I also' life but I have been so inspired and motivated reading about all the other women who have been recognised. I can't wait to get to know everyone and I'm looking forward to meeting people at the International Women's Day Breakfast at the House of Lords next week!

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