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Real Role Model - a QtH campaign

At Cat's Pajamas HQ we are really enjoying the latest campaign run by Quiet the Hive (who you will be hearing more about in the very near future). Throughout July the #realrolemodel campaign is running, showcasing women who are role models in some way and asking them to describe what one of the Quiet the Hive values means to them.

It has been an absolute pleasure to read about what brings people joy, what makes them courageous, why being curious is vital, what inspires people and how people build their confidence. It's also an absolute privilege to be part of the campaign. Thank you so much!

You can follow the Real Role Model campaign on Instagram via @quiet_the_hive and you can read my post below:

Word: #curious

What it means to me:

I love to support and develop people so curiosity is key.

I also need to be curious in order to communicate well and to tell people’s stories. Asking the right questions and genuinely listening to someone’s response will deliver really positive outcomes.

Cat’s Pajamas was born out of my love for storytelling and people with passion so being interested and inquisitive helps me to showcase my clients at their very best to help their businesses to flourish.

Finally being curious enables me to identify and act on new and exciting opportunities that might not always be obvious.

#realrolemodel - a Quiet the Hive campaign

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