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SEO and Content Creation - A Merit Club learning session

Sorry for the belated post folks - life has been a little hectic! Last week I managed to make my first Merit Club event and it was worth the trip into London. What's The Merit Club I hear you ask? It's an online membership club open exclusively to women and curates 12 amazing offers a month (for business or lifestyle members - or both if you have a joint membership). Find out more via

Last week The Merit Club hosted a learning event for members on SEO (search engine optimisation) and content creation at Uncommon Borough (a great co-working space in London). The session was led by Charli Hunt founder of Proof Content and it was a really useful hour or so. Charli outlined the five key steps you need to take to enable new customers to find you online and to start to build your brand presence.

Uncommon Borough London work space
Uncommon Borough, a great co-working space in London

To begin with Charli's own story is impressive and her entrepreneurial leanings clearly come from her family with an idea turning into Foyle's bookshop! It was clear that Charli has inherited not only a love of words but also the ability to bring creative ideas to life in her business Proof Content.

SEO and Content Creation presentation
Charli Hunt on all things SEO and Content Creation

Charli shared a huge amount of useful tips from how many blogs you should look to post per week to build up your online presence and go up the search rankings (3-5 in case you were interested) and how to search for relevant topics and key words that will help you to get traction. There are some great websites out there to help you including Buzzsumo.

Other top tips included focusing on what your audience wants from you (not what you want from them), keeping an eye on your competitors and the conversations they are having online and making the maximum use out of your analytics both on your website and socials.

It was an interesting session which gave me plenty to consider and brush up on both for Cat's Pajamas and for our customers. Thank you to The Merit Club for hosting the event, looking forward to more learning.

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