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Top 5 tips for blogging brilliance

Blogging is a great way to get you or your business noticed. This might be your own blog or guest posts for other people. It can be scary putting yourself out there as you probably think who cares what I have to say? Plenty of people is the answer.

Writing blog posts is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field, this helps to build trust with your target audience. It supports you in a role as thought leader, showing that you are innovative, forward thinking and brave. This can be amplified by guest blogging for others who share a similar vision and values, are accessed by your desired readers and offer potential opportunities to collaborate.

Your blog offers you the chance to reach out to customers, sharing your product/ service in a more personal way. It can raise awareness of your cause, supporting you to educate others and seek support. It can position you as a go to expert in your industry, opening up opportunities to speak at events for example.

So whatever your reason for blogging here are a few tips to help you get noticed.


Use a catchy title

Stand out from the crowd with a catchy title for your post using key words that highlight the main content. People like to read things that they think will help them so framing your post around tips, support, top 5/10 things to do/ see etc. will all encourage readers to click on your post. 36% of people prefer list based headlines. (Source: ConversionXL)


Call to action

Include a call to action in your blog - ask your readers to do something as a result of reading your post. This might be to click through to other content on your website, sign up to something or take a physical action to support a cause.


Front load When you write your post front load your content. Put your key messages early on in your post as the average time spent reading a blog post is 37 seconds (Source: NewsCred). This means you need to catch their attention quickly and ensure you have shared the key information you want them to take away.


Story telling Where possible tell a story. Most people engage with human interest stories and content that is emotive and relevant to them. Share your personality, tell the story of your brand, have an opinion and let people know that you are real.


Make it pretty Find ways to make your post visually appealing. Use different layouts, split up your text, embed photos, videos or graphics to illustrate your points. Using people in real photos (instead of stock ones) can result in a 35% conversion increase so share photos of you, your staff and your customers to get readers to really understand and buy into your brand. (Source: Marketing Experiments


That's just five top tips to support you on your blogging journey. If you would like more advice, support with content creation or to find out how to factor this into your business strategy check out our services and feel free to get in touch.

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