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Human creativity is what we do.

So I can’t take credit for the title of this post - on Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to listen to Elizabeth Gilbert at Central Hall, Westminster, talking all things life and love as part of a How To Academy event. And boy did a lot of what she said resonate.

Love her view that as humans we are all about creativity (one of our values here at Cat’s PJs HQ) and I absolutely agree. Creativity isn‘t all about being artistic. We can be creative in our problem solving, in our approach to business and in the ideas we can generate through collaboration. Sometimes we find it hard to express that creativity and hopefully that’s where companies like ours come in - we help you to tell the story of your creativity.

Elizabeth also talked about her need to make connections. Life is all about relationships. Connecting with people is what makes us people and that’s both in our personal and professional lives. If you are running a small business and supporting your local community people will want to work with you or buy from you if you connect with them on a human level.

By making your story personable and human you will resonate with your potential clients and customers. You will build meaningful relationships that will support you with strong brand and customer loyalty.

Those are just a couple of thoughts that were sparked by listening to Elizabeth. She said a whole heap more that inspired me although mostly about life (and a little about love) but I’ll save those thoughts for another time!

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