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Time for reflection

As we head into October it has started to feel very autumnal. I love the colours at this time of year, the light is beautiful and I adore getting the cosy jumpers out.

I’ve booked a week off my day job this week and I am taking time to focus on my business, my collaborations and most importantly myself.

I headed out for a beautiful walk yesterday, then sat outside with a flask and a book which felt like such a treat.

I’m not sure if it’s because we are moving into the last quarter of the calendar year, or if it’s the change in seasons, but it really does feel like a good time to reflect on what’s important.

Lake surrounded by trees with leaves of green, copper and gold, reflected in the water.
Autumn walk at Holkham

Things that have come up for me over the last few weeks:

  • I need to make more time to switch off from digital and screens for my wellbeing. Finding time to read books and soak up some new perspectives feels like a priority for me right now.

  • Delegation is key. It’s not my job to do it all and that’s ok! I do need to ensure I am clear each day/ week about the non-negotiables I need to deliver and focus on maintaining my boundaries, as well as supporting the team to understand theirs.

  • Being outdoors helps me. Some weeks I can go 3-4 days without leaving the house and I need fresh air, nature and a change of scene to make me feel energised and more productive.

  • Time off is important. Having a full time day job, running a business and cohosting a podcast all bring me joy but I don’t want to burn out. I want to spend time with the people who are most important to me and I also need some time aline to focus on my wellbeing.

Really interested to hear from you about your reflections moving into the next quarter and what you want to focus your time and energy on.


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